Ceramic Art presentation 10 & 11 of July 2014

Ceramic art presentation at Mikelia's workshop in Christos Livadeia, Chios island

10 & 11 of July 2014
10:00 - 13:00 & 18:00 - 23 :00

  • ceramic jewellery
  • ceramic decorative objects
  • ceramic tables
  • wall ceramics 


A liitle quote from George Gurjieff on Art : 

"I do not call art all that you call art, which is simply mechanical reproduction, imitation of nature or of other people, or simply fantasy or an attempt to be original. Real art is something quite different.... In your art everything is subjective—the artist’s perception of this or that sensation, the forms in which he tries to express his sensation and the perception of these forms by other people.... In real art there is nothing accidental.... The artist knows and understands what he wants to convey, and his work cannot produce one impression on one man and one impression on another, presuming, or course, people on one level."